About Plett Environmental Forum

The main purpose of the Forum is the promotion of and education in environmental awareness, helping to keep the environment clean and green, and participating in sustainable development projects.Its Executive consists of three co-chairs plus a permanent consultant with an environmental background. Regular monthly meetings are held at 9h30 to 1 on the first Tuesday of every month, in the hall of St Peter’s Anglican Church.

Our membership includes representatives from various environmental groups such as Nature’s Valley Trust, ORCA Foundation and various conservancies, and interested individuals.Any individual or organisation is welcome to attend meetings and the meeting notes are openly available.

Environmental, development and legislative issues are discussed at the meetings. Where appropriate or necessary, the Forum comments on these issues following an agreed procedure, or delegates individuals to investigate an issue. The Forum sometimes invites speakers from the local government or other organisations to address it on critical issues. Although a lot of the work of the Forum is in response to rezonings, new regulation affecting the environment, proposed new developments, etc., the Forum is proactive where possible through the implementation of projects and awareness campaigns.

Thank you for your support of our endeavours to protect the environment ... and YOU!!